Joints under Pressure...

Knee and Ankle pain affects many of us and can develop very quickly after these joints have succumbed to excess pressure or strain. This is often caused by running on hard surfaces such as concrete. Alternatively this pain can occur after long periods of time when the joints eventually begin to wear out. The smooth, shiny cartilage that lines the joint deteriorates after years of use and friction begins to occur during movement which can be extremely painful. Any damage to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with your movement and cause a lot of pain. The heat generated through Fireactiv® pads gives soothing, drug free pain relief effectively targeting the painful joint. This combined with adjustable support greatly improves the wearers flexibility and stability.

Knee Pain

There are many possible sources of knee pain – most commonly knee pain is the result of alignment issues of the lower limb. During the gait cycle, if one is rolling in at the foot level, all the muscles of the foot and ankle extend into the lower leg and cause strain at the insertion point of the muscle in the lower leg.

By rotating the entire lower limb to alleviate the strain of the musculature, this leads to altered alignment at the knee joint and strain on the tendons and ligaments that work to keep the knee straight.

Fireactiv® offers compression around the knee joint which effectively supports the strained muscles. Combine this with the effective heat therapy from the thermal pads and the pain will be substantially reduced.

Ankle Pain

Most commonly ankle pain is due to strain of all the tendons and ligaments that hold the ankle joint together. The ankle joint is vital to the walking cycle in that it helps to bring our body weight forward and allow transfer of weight from one limb to the other. Most ankle pain can be traced to altered alignment due to strain on the tendons and ligaments that hold the joint together.

The most common strain on the tendons and ligaments is caused by trauma – when you step off a curb and go over on the ankle or keep the ankle in an extreme position all day by wearing heels, the tendons and ligaments that hold the ankle together get strained. This strain leads to inflammation in the area and results in pain. Tendons and ligaments are harder to heal than muscle as they have less blood flow. Depending on severity and cause, treatment for isolated ankle pain involves heat therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Fireactiv® thermal supports offer strained ankles extra support as well as heat therapy to loosen the sore muscles effectively easing pain.

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